More important than your training
Nutrition is arguably the most important factor in reaching your fitness goals alongside your training. Here at Fitness Source, we as well as many other trainers and nutritionists agree that nutrition can contribute up to 70% of your training and fitness success.

Maximise your training results and progress
You can spend all the time and effort you like down at the gym and in your training program, but if you don’t have the right nutrition to support your training, it can be easy to see very little or even no results at all. You can regularly go to the gym, work really hard, try all sorts of different and varied training plans, but after a while start to realise that you are not making any progress, this is very common. You may also be overtraining, as you attempt to go to the gym and work out more and more to try to force an improvement, this is where a bit more thought about what you are eating can make a dramatic change in your training and fitness progress.

Don't neglect your nutrition
Most of the time the biggest factor that is letting your training down is poor nutrition. It sounds obvious that you would make sure you eat properly, but in reality a lot of people will still neglect nutrition in favour of their favourite sugary and fatty foods, thinking that their sessions down at the gym or the run they have just completed will counter that bag of crisps or the pint of beer they just had. Of course any exercise is better than none, no matter what your diet, but if you really want to see great results from all your hard work, then it is important to look at what you do eat and what you don’t eat.

Get a healthy glow
A properly balanced diet geared towards your fitness goals will not only help your training, but will make you look and feel healthier too. It's obvious to us when we see someone who has a great nutrition program and eats well, they glow with health, have great skin and hair and bags of energy.

Planning your nutrition
Sometimes people just forget to eat properly, preparing meals can be time consuming and in todays madly busy world it can be difficult to keep on top of your nutrition. A little bit of planning can help with that and once you get in the swing of it and start seeing results it will be worth he relatively small amount of time taken to prepare.

Here at Fitness Source we offer information to help you understand and learn about a lot of different topics including nutritional planning, nutritional plans to hep you slim down and lose fat, nutritional plans and information to help you to support and maintain muscle gain, and strategies to help you maintain your weight healthily. We are qualified sports nutritionists and can help to answer any questions you may have that relates to your health and fitness planning.

You are what you eat
At Fitness Source we want to help make you aware of the impact and importance of nutrition, not only the effect it has on your training and progress in the gym, but how poor eating patterns can affect why you are either overweight or lacking in energy. Modern research and thinking shows that what we eat can affect how our genes express themselves on a cellular level and how poor nutrition can 'switch on' cancer genes as well as a myriad of other genes that will affect our health and well being. To coin a phrase you really 'are what you eat'