Always try to remember why you are striving to get fit; lots of people will procrastinate and give up, or postpone their fitness plans and goals when they don’t see results. Getting fit and in shape, building muscle mass and a good physique, is not a quick and simple process, but it should be a fun one. The results you will experience as you gradually get fitter and stronger are well worth the effort and sometimes lifestyle change that is required. Fitness and exercise should be part of your week for life.

 Reasons to get fit 
Longer life
Feeling of well being
Better skin
Mental alertness
Clearer thinking
More energy
More stamina
Less depression
Mobility in old age
Increased vitality and energy
Feeling youthful again
Greater attraction to possible partners :-)
 Helps develop motivation and achieve goals in other areas of your life 
The application and dedication to a fitness training plan can develop great concentration skills - getting fit is a great achievement and a challenge that will give you the mental focus and determination to tackle and achieve goals in other areas of life. Dedicating yourself to health and fitness and conquering physical hurdles will help you develop determination, one of the hardest things to do is to push through a physical boundary in the gym, if you can learn how to do that then you will have a skill that can be applied in other areas of your life

 Getting fit now will prepare you mentally and physically for a great mobile, alert and youthful old age.
The old adage ‘use it or lose it’ is one that applies if you don’t make the effort to use your body and keep it fit and strong.

 Always remember its incremental 
Every time you go to the gym etc it moves you forward a step. Don’t be hard on yourself, take time off and let your body rest, and have a bit of what you fancy food wise now and again. 

Bodybuilders often have a hard time, as muscle gain can be such a slow process that is only noticeable over months. Many people, us included, watch videos on youtube and read about athletes who have achieved great things; most of the time this will inspire you to push yourself. Getting fit is as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical one. Everyone has the ability to change their fitness, shape and health - don’t give up! The rewards are worth every drop of sweat in the gym and every chocolate bar you didn’t eat!