Correct posture is essential to your training and working out. 

The importance of correct posture is something that is often neglected in the gym - many times you will see someone slouched over with rounded shoulders, trying to lift a weight that's just a bit or far too heavy for them. They are definitely not maximising the benefits of the training in terms of engaging their core, but are also putting themselves at risk of a strain or sprain or even a serious injury. Working out without the correct posture can also lead to development of an unbalanced physique that might not look like you imagined; a healthy looking well balanced physique is developed through awareness of making sure that you engage the correct posture and muscles during your work out, no matter what you are doing, there is a natural form to the body that is developed properly when you use correct posture, watch anybody with a great physique such as an athlete or fitness model and they will all work out concentrating on great posture. Also thinking about posture this way helps you engage the whole body including the core, leading to better results further down the line.

Avoid injury

Development and practice of good, correct posture, will mean your spine will remain aligned correctly and will mean there will be less stress on the lower back during workouts and hence, less chance of a back or other injury. 

At Fitness Source we would advise that you constantly check your posture and form. You will, in the long term, develop your training in the correct way and hopefully avoid injury, especially to those susceptible areas such as the lower back generally speaking if you can't complete an exercise without good posture and form then you are probably using too much weight or not executing the exercise correctly. 

Exercising to help good posture 

It is essential to be aware of posture during exercise and generally day to day, some exercise's can really help with your posture and help to correct postural problems such as slouching and the 'round' shoulder look that comes with it, slouching and the habit of not standing upright seems to be a major problem for a lot of people.

Exercises that will help include

Upper back exercises
Exercises that work the traps muscles
Exercises that work the back of the shoulders 
Any 'pulling' exercises such as a seated cable row will help to hold the shoulders back.
Abs.. pelvic floor push, sit ups etc 

Work opposing muscles

It is always a good idea to be mindful of balance of form when working out, bear in mind that solely working on your chest/pectoral muscles for example will lead to an imbalanced form, to address this you work out opposing muscle groups such as the back in this case, not only will this develop a better form but also remember that no exercise is really done in isolation, meaning that you will develop a stronger more efficient bench press with strong well developed back muscles as one supports the other.


Always remember to keep your abs and buttocks/glutes contracted and tight during lifts and when performing exercises, always pull in your stomach in as a matter of course and keep your chest high and shoulders back, eventually this will become a natural posture for you and will help you develop more strength and develop better form. The idea of standing tall, keeping your core tucked in and abs/glutes engaged is a good general principal to apply when performing any exercise.